Immersive’ is more than a concept for us; it represents the evolving landscape of entertainment and communication.
Our elite team, consisting of top-tier sound engineers, visionary content producers, and creative designers, work collaboratively. From conceptualizing groundbreaking ideas to strategic business model development, we are dedicated to designing and producing immersive experiences that are truly transformative.
We excel in diverse domains such as VR, gaming, advertising, and beyond, where we deliver an unmatched sense of presence and engagement. Our ambition is to collaborate with you to produce the world’s most distinguished immersive content, setting a new standard for the industry.


“Sanrokumaru Co., Ltd.” was established on September 28, 2022 as a production company specializing in Immersive sound.
Based at Sanrokumaru Studio in Minami Aoyama, we work with everyone in the entertainment industry to carry out live streaming, sound source production, and R&D projects with a sense of speed that is in line with the times.

Established in June 2021 as Sanrokumaru Studio, a studio specializing in immersive audio in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.
We established a studio specializing in immersive audio, which is considered difficult to install, with the technical cooperation of Sony Corporation, Generec Japan, Syntax Japan, MI Seven Japan, and Media Integration, and achieved an appropriate monitor speaker environment. . We have also built equipment routing that supports distributed processing to smoothly produce immersive audio content.
We are a music production studio that not only produces and masters immersive audio music such as 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos, but also designs the installation of microphones for live performances, mixes immersive audio for live music, and even plans and produces content.


Chester Beatty
チェスター・ビーティー Chester Beatty Chief Technical Officer

Music production producer/engineer. Since the 1990s, he has released works on the prestigious German labels TRESOR and Bpitch Control. He has been active worldwide, including being selected for the BBC’s John Peel Session. Currently, he is the general manager of immersive audio music production at Sanrokumaru  and executive director of the Japan Association of Recording Engineers (JAREC).


Recent Works

Recent book “Introduction to mastering that looks great on distribution” (DUBOOKS)

KEN ISHII, Miki Matsubara, New School Leaders, etc.

當麻拓美 Takumi Toma Chief Engineer

Sanrokumaru Studio Chief Engineer. He is involved in a wide range of activities, including designing live microphone plans, recording, mixing, and mastering. He takes advantage of the characteristics of 360RA stereophonic sound and Dolby Atmos to maximize the appeal of his songs. He has a reputation for his flexibility and creativity in responding to the wishes of his clients and any type of music.

Recent Works

BE:FIRST/SKY-HI/ちゃんみな/川谷絵音/JO1/ØMI/AAAMYYY /私立恵比寿中学校/長谷川白紙  etc.

鳥越裕史 Hiroshi Torigoe Engineer

He creates mainly animated songs and other immersive music. Has a reputation for careful mixing that makes the most of vocal editing, which was his speciality at his previous job at a MA studio. He has also worked on many live recordings with stereophonic sound, and also handles live delivery with programmes. He is not only an engineer, but is also active in a wide range of fields.

Recent Works

BanGDream!/fripSide/ラムのラブソング  etc.


Company Name
Sanrokumaru Co., Ltd.
Gloria Minami-Aoyama 101, 3-10-9 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan MAP
Paid-in capital
4 million yen
President and CEO
Ryo Harada
Member of the Board
Chester Beatty(Kunihiko Chisaka) Yuuki Maeda
Business areas
Planning and sound source production of music and video content related to immersive sound / Mastering work / Training and support of engineers


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